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I was born in Turin on 02/09/1956. I obtained Architect Master degree at Turin Polytechnic with architectonic composition thesys, supervised by Prof. G. Varaldo.

Member of Order of Architects of Turin province since 02/19/1980 (code 1547).

In 1998 I attended “Construction Site Working Safety” course, according to the provisions of law N. 494/96.

From 1979 to 1981 I cooperated with the architect Gualtero Casalegno in planning and construction site assistance of an office building of Campana street and a private housing estate in Val San Martino Superiore road in Turin.

I began my own practice in 1978. From then, I have been engaged in many activities of technical consulting for several organizations and institution, such as Piedmont Environment and Architectural Goods Superintendence, San Paolo Banking Institute of Turin, Piedmont Mediocredit, Land bank corporation (Rome), Romagna Credit, Unicredit SpA.

From 1985, I am Technical Consultant of Turin Court of Law.



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